How to build a sustained AI success

To build a sustained AI success requires organisational integration and support.

Your business units, your IT department as well as the team of AI data scientists in the innovation lab all need to be involved in deploying AI solutions successfully. To get an organization that support success you need to integrate your future AI solutions teams into your existing business model.

In my experience working with operating models that join all work efforts and different team objectives is what makes the difference between success and failure. Team alignment towards common AI goals and proper orchestration of your work streams therefore need special attention.

Demand for AI skills and competencies has increased with the recent launches of generative AI solutions.

No doubt data governance and data management are at the core of this trend, but the impact on and requirements of other organizational elements should be considered too.

AI solution projects are fundamentally different from other digital transformation projects. To ensure efficient delivery of reliable and trusted AI solutions, you should consider and optimize your entire AI solution delivery model.