Maturity assessment of your AI governance framework

Start preparing for when AI will be regulated!

Therefore, every organisation – big or small – should take a responsible stand and start to identify the risks and impacts of AI solutions for their stakeholders. This is a sound investment in preparing for the upcoming EU AI Act.

Lauberg Consulting will support you with identifying and handling key AI risks and help you navigate the pitfalls of your AI implementations. This is an inevitable task to be able to build robust and reliable AI solutions durable for the long run.

The ultimate objective of having an AI risk framework in place is to ensure your AI solution is safe in terms of human health and protects against financial and reputational losses etc.

Use your incident process to monitor your AI solutions.

It is time to expand your existing testing competencies to ensure reliable solutions, data quality and cleansing processes to avoid biased solutions etc. To gain AI maturity you will need to install governance guardrails in your governance framework. Use existing controls such as your incident process and apply new controls where needed.

In a few years, implementation of the EU AI Act will be based on the ISO management system model. Look at management systems such as ISO27001 and practice your framework fundamentals already now.

Lauberg Consulting can help assess where you are and where to go next on this maturity journey.