Successful implementation of AI is about reliability and trust

AI is probabilistic in nature and will deliver only estimated or best guess answers.

Therefore, you need to know what the industry and your own business believe is an acceptable level of reliability. Furthermore, you need to know your customers’, employees’ and suppliers’ preferences and boundaries of trust when engaging with your AI solutions.

Lauberg Consulting can help you clarify all your stakeholders’ expectations in relation to your use and implementation of AI solutions. This will help you identify the value propositions for using AI as part of your business and IT strategy, and it will help you build a robust foundation for developing your competitive advantage.

Leadership is needed when navigating the excessive opportunities and high risks associated with AI.

The changes that will come with generative AI are substantial and disruptive. Short-term advantages may be at the expense of long-term costs. Knowing your own ethical stand and principles will guide towards prioritizing useful AI applications within defined red lines. Avoiding harmful side-effects from the start will sustain your long-term success with AI.

An important step is to get the board and executive management team involved to set the direction.