Cookie policy

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file stored on your computer, tablet or mobile phone. A cookie is not a program and cannot contain harmful code or viruses.

Use of cookies

Our website uses cookies for several reasons. Firstly, some cookies are strictly necessary for the website to function properly and is allowed by law. Other types of cookies help us understand how visitors interact with the site, allowing us to continuously optimize and tailor the experience to better meet their needs and interests. For storing all of these types of cookies we need your consent.

Our policy is to use cookies to a minimum while still allowing us to optimize access to information about our services and products across social media platforms. Some cookies are placed by third party services that appear on our pages.

Overall, cookies are an integral part of our service, enabling us to provide a seamless and informational browsing experience for our visitors while also helping us analyze and improve the performance of the website.

How long are cookies stored?

Cookies stay on your devices and browsers for varying durations. A cookie’s lifespan is calculated from your last visit to the website. You may find more information about cookie expiry in the cookie details below.

How to reject or delete cookies

You have the option to reject or delete cookies at any time by adjusting the settings in your browser on your computer, tablet, or phone. The precise location of these settings varies depending on the browser you use. However, it’s important to note that if you reject all first-party or third-party cookies, certain features and services on the website may become inaccessible, as they rely on cookies for functionality.

You may at any time change or withdraw your consent from the cookie declaration button in the lower left corner of our website.

Deleting accepted cookies:

You also have the ability to remove previously accepted cookies by deleting the cookie history in your browser settings.

Keep in mind that if you use multiple browsers, it is necessary to delete cookies in each one separately.

Below you will find links to further useful guidance for a list of specific browsers:

Do you have any further questions about cookie information?

If you have any comments or questions related to our cookie practices, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Learn more about who we are, how you can contact us and how we process personal data in our Privacy policy.

Our cookie policy is updated on a regular basis. You may find the most recent cookie details below.


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